Our views on Sustainability

Our planet is fragile. Biodiversity is precious. The climate is changing fast. We’re doing everything we can to make a positive difference.

1. We believe being around nature is good for us.

That’s why every Second Home is packed with greenery. In Los Angeles, our new space will be the city’s densest urban forest – with over 6500 trees and plants, including 112 different native species. That’s great for biodiversity – and for everyone at Second Home.

Second Home Los Angeles

2. The first ever public lecture at Second Home

In November 2014 – was by the Harvard professor Edward O Wilson. His work on ‘biophilia’ explains why natural environments nurture our wellbeing, productivity and creativity. It also explains why we don’t have endless boring corporate cubicles.

Spotted background
This is a quote from the first lecture at 
Second Home on Biophilia
Edward O’Wilson

3. We use new technologies to cut our carbon footprint.

At Second Home Holland Park, we created a “bubble roof” that responds in real time to the changing weather – reducing the need for energy intensive heating and cooling.

Second Home Holland Park

4. Sometimes simple technologies are the most effective.

In Lisbon, electronic sensors automatically open the roof overnight – trapping cool air in the space before the sun rises. We then pump cold water under the floor via a network of pipes, keeping that air cool all day – without the need for air conditioning.

5. One of the biggest ways we can cut our carbon emissions is by reusing and repairing old buildings whenever we can.

Too often, perfectly good buildings are torn down to build new supposedly “green” developments – which is a terrible waste of materials and energy. Our approach takes more time and care. 
But we think it’s worth it.

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