The music industry is jamming.

In 2021, revenues grew at the industry’s fastest ever recorded rate, breaking records at ​​$25.9bn (£19.5bn) according to the BBC. That growth continued into 2022, hitting an impressive $26.2bn.


This surge is largely thanks to the ever-expanding market of streaming platforms, but can also be attributed to the renewed interest in CD and vinyl ownership and innovations beyond the songs that see artists using social media to expand their audiences and build brand loyalty.


And for independent artists, who operate without institutional support and don’t always benefit from the industry’s wider growth, newfound access to opportunities and visibility through platforms such as YouTube Music is helping them connect directly with fans, indie labels, and sponsors. 


These kinds of innovations are exponentially expanding growth opportunities in music entrepreneurship today, according to Music Business Worldwide, creating an exciting landscape for everyone from up-and-coming musicians to veteran executives.


Collaboration is key to standing out in this flourishing field, and many industry movers and shakers are finding creative community at Second Home, a revolutionary co-working space with locations across London, Lisbon, and Los Angeles. Set within an urban jungle, Second Home features regular cultural programming and easy access to new partnerships.


Jake Shadrake, an award-winning composer, says Second Home has been “transformative” in this area for him. “Every culture event is an opportunity to collaborate and connect dots with people in our industry. This space attracts the very best.” 


Plus, state-of-the-art audio technology allows creatives to put their ideas into action – like Joe Hernandez, a sound supervisor on Zac Efron’s Emmy-winning Down to Earth, who is using the “limitless” tools to produce a new podcast series.


Overflowing with technology, community, and a culture of creativity, Second Home is helping the musically-inclined conquer the world.

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