“Second Home is engineering the new creative hothouse”

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“Second Home is engineering the new creative hothouse”



At Second Home, we are building a diverse ecosystem of creative people and organisations.

80% of our members are chosen because they contribute to the diversity of our community – by being at the intersect of different fields, or belong to an underrepresented industry or demographic.

The remaining 20% are picked because the work they do is helpful for companies as they scale, and so contribute to the success of the overall ecosystem. Examples include venture capital funds, graphic designers and growth-hacking agencies.

With such a vibrant community there’s always an opportunity at Second Home to do business with the people around you, with our expert team there to connect our members to one another.

80% are members at the
intersect of different fields

20% support these
companies as they scale

Creative collisions

Recent collaborations between our members based at Second Home have included:

Visualise created VR experiences for several members including Cushman & Wakefield, Kickpush and Goldstein Music.

Congregation Partners have helped Bulb and other members recruit top talent.

Threads Styling is part of Tech City’s Future 50 Programme.

Tech City UK helped Bulb connect with top government officials, including British civil service chief Sir Jeremy Heywood.

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Membership at Second Home is perfect for businesses looking to grow. Come see us and discover the benefits of being part of our global creative community.

Booking a tour is easy – fill out our simple form so we have a few details about you and your company, and then select a time on the next page.

"The energy, happiness, environment and people make coming to work a joy. It's like working from home but in an office."

We know Second Home is pretty stunning, and we love showing our spaces off – if you’re an architect, student, or just interested in seeing Second Home (but not becoming a member) please email us – we hold regular tours of each space.

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