Talk & Discussion

GeekGirl Conference: Creativity, Technology and the Future

26 Sep 2015

 / 6:30pm to 8:30pm
 / Free

Technology is impacting every industry. It’s consistently changing the way we absorb information, communicate and manage our lives day-to-day, from how we buy food to how we monitor our health. It’s also dramatically changing how we innovate and our creativity.

As we move into industry 4.0, how will technology continue to impact the way we collaborate and our originality? What effect has it already had on our traditional creative industries? What can we expect to see in the future with technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence set to further change the way we work?

GeekGirl Meetup’s annual conference in London will bring together a range of female thought leaders from across the tech industry to delve further into the future of our creative industries and how they will be shaped by a new wave of innovation.


GeekGirl brings together women who are redefining the future of design, product and technology. Attendees can get involved in workshops, live demos, and hear from inspiring panels and thought-leaders on a range of topics including fashion, music and design among many others.

GeekGirl Meetup was formed to highlight the great work being done by women in tech, bringing them together to learn and be inspired by others. We do this by arranging monthly events, culminating in our yearly conference. Our goal is to create role models for our community of GeekGirls, and to build a platform for collaboration, learning, networking and having fun.