Talk & Discussion

A Connoisseur's Guide to Football Shirts

21 Sep 2017

 / 6:00pm to 8:00pm
 / Free
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Hear pop culture historian Neal Heard in conversation with Second Home co-founder Rohan Silva,where they'll be talking about football shirts as remarkable social, historical and design artefacts.

Taking the football shirt as a starting point, it’s possible to trace developments not only in graphic and textile design but in the game’s relationship to corporations and nations.

Consider that Levi’s once made a shirt for Mexico and Ralph Lauren for the New York Cosmos, that Bob Marley often wore iconic shirts and that the Corinthian Democracia – a club/ ideological movement – has been recognised in Brazil as one of the most important actions in the history of their struggle against dictatorship, and you’ll get a sense of the rich cultural and political associations these garments have.

Neal Heard is the author of A Connoisseur's Guide to Football Shirts and Trainers.

His recent exhibition The Football Shirts Book – hosted with premium menswear platform Jacket Required – is due to start a global tour later this year.