Talk & Discussion

Azmat Yusuf, Citymapper – Transforming the City

14 Jun 2019

 / 5:30pm to 8:30pm
 / Free
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Join us to hear Azmat Yusuf, founder of Citymapper, discuss the challenges of creating arguably the most technically impressive consumer startup in Europe in recent years; an app which has transformed how people move around in cities all over the world.

The idea came from a frustration with trying to find the right London bus in 2010. Having recently come to London, Azmat Yusuf believed he couldn’t have been the only one to have been bewildered by it all.

Azmat's breakthrough was integrating live TfL data into the app which left even Google Maps stunned. Azmat continues to break new ground in trying to crack the big questions around congestion in cities.