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Bookomi presents: Storm in a Teacup – The Physics of Everyday Life

14 Dec 2016

 / 7:00pm to 8:30pm
 / Free
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Join Bookomi's Richard Kilgarriff and scientist Helen Czerski as she explores the patterns and connections that illustrate the grandest theories in the smallest everyday objects and experiences.

What is it that helps both scorpions and cyclists to survive? What do raw eggs and gyroscopes have in common? And why does it matter?

Linking what makes popcorn pop to Antarctic winds, coffee stains to blood tests or ketchup bottles to aliens in space, every thread you pull in the fabric of everyday life shows you something new about the intricate patterns of our world.

Helen Czerski regularly presents BBC programmes on physics, the ocean and the atmosphere – recent series include Colour: The Spectrum of Science, Orbit, Operation Iceberg, Super Senses, Dara O’Briain’s Science Club, as well as programmes on bubbles, the sun and our weather.

She is also a columnist for Focus magazine, shortlisted for PPA columnist of the year in 2014, and has written numerous articles for national newspapers.

Richard Kilgarriff the editor and founder of Bookomi, a monthly, predictive poll of books worth talking about at work, ranked by leaders from a range of professions and industries.

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