Canvas8: Being+ – Why we’re obsessed with self-improvement

23 Feb 2017

 / 11:00am to 12:00pm
 / Free
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Everyone wants to be better – smarter, faster, healthier, happier. With new techniques and tools promising to break long-term goals down into everyday nudges, more and more of us are learning to be the best possible version of ourselves.

Through a blend of behavioural science and trend analysis, Jerome Linder will deconstruct the growing behaviour of 'Being+' and discuss how tracking broader social, cultural and commercial shifts can reveal what people do and – most importantly – why it matters.

Jerome is client services director at Canvas8, a leading authority on consumer behaviour. Blending research, trends, strategy and cultural expertise across five continents and twelve sectors, Canvas8 inspires innovation in some of the world’s leading brands, agencies and organisations.

Our member-only Be Better programme is designed to get people sharing their skills and knowledge, so that everyone in the community can be better (or even better!) when it comes to work and life.

These informal sessions include business masterclasses, self-improvement workshops and roundtable discussions.

Members only but this event will be live-streamed via Facebook.