Talk & Discussion

Carlo Rovelli – Reality Is Not What It Seems

05 Jun 2017

 / 6:00pm to 8:00pm
 / Free
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Hear physicist and best-selling author of Seven Brief Lessons in Physics – Carlo Rovelli – speak on his new book Reality Is Not What It Seems, which presents a thrillingly fresh view on the story of the human imagination and reveals how our atomic world view has always been threaded through our arts, science and poetry.

Reality Is Not What It Seems tells the story of what we know about our universe and how we came to know it, from the early atomic intuitions of Greek and Roman thinkers to evidence of their ideas emerging from the Planck satellite and CERN, to the genuinely new knowledge being offered by Loop Quantum Gravity, of which Rovelli is a founding theorist.

Written for anyone ‘eager to set out on this journey for the first time’, this book is Carlo Rovelli’s reply to a friend who might ask of him: “’So, what do you think is the true nature of things?’ as they walk along the shore, on a long midsummer’s evening.”

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