Talk & Discussion

Cédric Villani – 'Birth of a Theorem: A Mathematical Adventure'

28 Apr 2016

 / 6:00pm to 8:00pm
 / Free
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Join us for a fascinating talk by Cédric Villani – the groundbreaking mathematician whose sensational book 'Birth of a Theorem: A Mathematical Adventure' is revered for its ability to engage the laymen in the complex development of an original mathematical theorem.

Taking the reader on a journey of mathematical discovery, his book spans the nearly year-length development of his theorem, and explores everything from impenetrable mathematical frustrations to the low quality of cheese available at Princeton University.

While the theorem itself is only understandable to 'a few hundred people in the world', Villani's story is as accessible as any novel. He believes that to truly understand equation of this magnitude, one must have an insight into the ups and downs of its development.

In this talk, he will discuss his process, how close he came to giving up and winning the Fields Medal – the 'Nobel Prize of mathematics'.