Concept Validation Through Signal Mining

29 Aug 2017

 / 11:00am to 12:00pm
 / Free
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Join us for a discussion on how to validate early stage concepts by using signal mining – a method of testing the effectiveness of new ideas in business through analysing customer need, willingness to pay, viable unit economics and speed to market.

The session will be lead by Meeta Gournay and Tom Le Bree, partners at Prehype London – a group of entrepreneurs who co-create startups with large corporates, in addition to building their own startups.

Meeta is the former CEO and founder of Nift and Tom Le Bree is currently running Beauty Crush – a startup that works with influencers to create independently beauty brands.

Meeta and Tom will talk about how Prehype conducts customer interviews, quickly prototypes, tests and iterates quickly using online ads/landing pages during it's signal mining process before it actually builds a product.

Over the past 7 years, the team has built and launched over 36 startups.

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