Talk & Discussion

Granta 146: The Politics of Feeling

20 Feb 2019

 / 7:00pm to 8:30pm
 / Free
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Granta guest-editor, Devorah Baum will be joined by author of critically acclaimed Not Working, Josh Cohen and psychoanalyst Anouchka Grose to discuss this most unruly of subjects: the politics of feeling.

Are we in the West experiencing an age of intellectual exhaustion, or burnout – with creeping political apathy in the face of overwhelming new technologies of information? By monitoring our online behaviour is 'surveillance capitalism' and by default 'instrumentarianism' ordering the political landscape?

How is it that benign, good will towards others who are less better off can at times create contradictory, conflicting feelings within us? And do hidden motives really matter as long as outward intentions are well meaning?

These are just some of the topics covered in the new winter 2019 edition of Granta magazine. Join our guests at Libreria, and, more importantly, join the discussion.