Talk & Discussion

Hacking Happiness: Ace Your Inner Game

17 Feb 2015

 / 7:00pm to 9:00pm
 / Free

In Pursuit of Great Work

Second Home and Hacking Happiness introduce a holistic, interdisciplinary series of events, designed to help you manage your inner game to thrive at your outer game. Get better at working, get better at not working and show up as the best possible version of yourself.

Talk 1 of 5: Ace Your Inner Game

Contemporary education has largely overlooked creating an educational process as systematic as computer science for managing oneself. This series of talks and workshops helps you to step out of your comfort zone and cultivate creative habits to utilise your talents to the fullest. Session one introduces how the practice of mindfulness can change your brain, and help you ace your inner game to thrive at your outer game.


Sebastian Nienaber

Sebastian is a Start-Up Entrepreneur and Mindful Leadership advisor. He founded Profuse29, the first blue-chip holistic business consultancy, helping companies to benefit from Mindfulness and other mind training tools. He is also the founder of Hacking Happiness, an event and media platform which promotes insights and tools to unlock our full potential.


Palma Michel

Palma is a qualified lawyer, certified meditation teacher and mindful coach. Over the past 15 years she has been practicing in various traditions including Theravada and Tibetan Buddhism as well as Kashmir Shaivism. While usually coaching CEOs, she is excited to share her love and enthusiasm for mindfulness and meditation with a broader audience.