Film Screening

Julien Bismuth Performance

22 Apr 2016

 / 5:00pm to 8:00pm
 / Free
Event has passed

The first in a series of live artworks curated by Teresa Calonje for Second Home.

Over three nights, Julien Bismuth will be presenting " Untitled (Signed)"2016. During the performances, he will be showing footage filmed recently on a trip with anthropologists and linguists studying three deaf individuals from the Maxacali tribe in a remote area of Brazil and the nascent sign language they are developing. Alongside the moving images, he will be performing spoken footnotes questioning modes of relating to each other and our relationship to language, gesture and silence.

Julien Bismuth lives and works in New York. Bismuth’s work reflects on questions of theatricality and language. He is interested in forms of expression, communication and miscommunication as well the efficiency and inefficiency of language.