Talk & Discussion

Kevin Ashton: How To Fly A Horse

09 Feb 2015

 / 7:00pm to 9:00pm
 / Free

An evening with Kevin Ashton (the man who coined the phrase 'Internet of Things'), in conversation with the editor of WIRED, David Rowan.

We’ve produced more data in the past few years than in the entirety of human history, there’s room for much more. Kevin Ashton leads us on a journey through humanity’s greatest creations to uncover the surprising truth behind who creates and how they do it. From the crystallographer’s laboratory where the secrets of DNA were first revealed by a long forgotten woman, to the electromagnetic chamber where the stealth bomber was born on a twenty-five-cent bet, to the Ohio bicycle shop where the Wright brothers set out to “fly a horse,” Ashton showcases the seemingly unremarkable individuals, gradual steps, multiple failures, and countless ordinary and usually uncredited acts that lead to our most astounding breakthroughs.