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Mama Bears Film Gala

22 Jul 2022

 / 9:30pm
 / Free

1370 N St. Andrew's Place
Los Angeles, CA

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Second Home is thrilled to support the MAMA BEARS film release and host the afterparty for the film’s screening.  This will be a celebration of the launch, the movement that the film spotlights, and a way to further engage the community to support LGBTQ+ causes.

Created by Emmy-winning director Daresha Kyi, MAMA BEARS is a window into a community of mothers — many from conservative, Christian backgrounds — that have banned together to create a safer world for their LGBTQ+ children and the entire community. Connected through private Facebook groups, these self-proclaimed “mama bears” fight ferociously for equal rights by writing letters, making phone calls and showing up in droves at rallies, protests, and town halls. The film is a powerful, intimate exploration of the journeys taken by Kimberly and Sara, two formerly conservative Christian mothers, and Tammi, a young, African American lesbian whose struggle for self-acceptance exemplifies why the mama bears movement is vitally important. As a queer Black woman, Daresha was deeply dismayed during 5 years of filming by the lack of mothers of color she saw stepping up to publicly defend their children. Her new mission is to let conservative Christian mothers of color, especially Black ones, know they are not alone and they are desperately needed!

This event is private – a select number of tickets are available for members to attend the gala.