Talk & Discussion

Move Fast and break Things – Jonathan Taplin

09 May 2017

 / 6:00pm to 8:00pm
 / Free
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Hear writer and film producer Jonathan Taplin and journalist Will Storr discuss the evolution of online life and it's cultural implications.

In his new book, Move Fast and Break Things, Taplin explains how the unprecedented growth of companies such as Google Amazon and Facebook came at the cost of tolerating the piracy of books, music and film, and how these vast digital monopolies are making it increasingly difficult for those who create content – the artists, writers and musicians – to survive.

It is the story of a massive reallocation of revenue in which $50 billion a year has moved from the creators and owners of content to the monopoly platforms.

With this reallocation of money has also come a shift in power, meaning that Google, Facebook and Amazon now enjoy political power on par with Big Oil and Big Pharma.
Jonathan and Will will discuss what the ensuing surveillance marketing monoculture means for the individual and the future of the creative industries.

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