Talk & Discussion

Neil Turok: The Future of Physics in the 21st Century

13 Jul 2015

 / 6:00pm to 8:00pm
 / Free

Neil Turok of the Perimeter Institute will deliver an exclusive lecture on the future of the physics in the 21st Century.

Every modern technology has its roots in theoretical physics: the extraordinary capacity human beings have to understand the basic rules of the universe. The early 20th century saw two revolutions – quantum physics and relativity – which laid the ground for today's electronic age.

Today, observations have revealed the cosmos, on both the largest and tiniest scales, to possess an extraordinary simplicity which we have yet to explain. At the same time, our ability to probe and understand the quantum world on everyday scales has advanced dramatically. For these reasons, physics now stands on the verge of a 21st century revolution, which may bring in its wake technologies we can only imagine.

Dr Turok was Professor of Physics at Princeton University and Chair of Mathematical Physics at the University of Cambridge before assuming his current position as Director and Niels Bohr Chair at the Perimeter Institute in Canada, one of the world’s top centres for theoretical physics. He is the world's leading figure on cosmology and physics, and this will be an unmissable opportunity to hear him speak at Second Home.

This event will be chaired by David Rowan, the editor of Wired Magazine Europe, and open to members of Second Home and beyond.