Patternity x VINTAGE Classics: Patterns of Life

17 Feb 2019

 / 11:00am to 6:00pm
 / Free
Event has passed

Cult pattern pioneers Patternity, will be hosting a day of workshops, talks and meditation for the launch of their latest project Patterns of Life.

Patterns of Life is a redesign of some of the most iconic science and sustainability books including Yval Noah Harari Sapiens and Charles Darwins Origin of Species.

Uniting the worlds of science, sustainability and creativity we come together to explore the patterns shaping our planet. What personal and collective patterns do we need to break, and what can we co-create to positively impact our future?

The day will also include a very special chance to hear guest speaker Gaia Vince -journalist and broadcaster specialising in science, the environment, and social issues and author of seminal text and Patterns of Life series – Adventures in the Anthropocene – share her insights on what's really going on behind all the conflicting facts and stats on climate change that we're bombarded with every day. Gaia finds plenty to celebrate — we are ingenious creatures — as well as being realistic about the future.

Expect a day of inspiration as we deepen our understanding of the patterns currently impacting the world around us – and the important role creativity and design has in leading the change.