Talk & Discussion

Radicals: Outsiders Changing the World

26 Jul 2017

 / 6:00pm to 8:00pm
 / Free
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Hear Jamie Bartlett – a leading thinker on radical politics and technology – speak on his sensational book, Radicals: Outsiders Changing the World, which explores the individuals, groups and movements who are rejecting the way we live now and attempting to find alternatives.

As well as shining a light on some of the most secretive and influential movements today from techno-futurists questing for immortality, to far-right groups seeking to close borders and psychedelic pioneers attempting to heal society with the help of powerful hallucinogens, Radicals argues that while these outsiders are symptomatic of a deep unrest in the world, they may also hold the most plausible models for our future.

Tickets are free for members and £3 for non-members.

All proceeds from our cultural programme go to the Kibera Hamlets School in Nairobi, where Second Home has funded the construction of a new school building designed by our architects Selgas Cano.