Art & Exhibitions

Reclaiming Amazônia (Los Angeles)

August 2022

 / 7:00pm to 11:00pm
 / Free

1370 N St. Andrew's Place
Los Angeles, CA

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Second Home joined forces with community-generated radio station dublab Brazil to host a special party highlighting the art, music and discussion dedicated to the indigenous resistance of Brazil.

Blood Sap: A Manifesto of Love and Fight by Amazon Communities 

A commissioned artwork was on display from Brazilian artists Maihara Marjorie, Thiago Duar and Watatakalu Yawalapiti to immerse viewers in the beauty of the forest and plight of its people in this powerful audio-visual artwork.


Indigenize the Politics: A Discussion in Tribute for Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira

The program is inspired by, and dedicated to, the work of Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira. These activists were murdered in the Amazon for investigating the undeclared war on indigenous communities.

We hosted a conversation with Vincent Bevins (Award winning journalist), Julia Jaye Posin (Amazon Watch/Artist for Amazonia), and Apu Gomes (Brazilian photojournalist) to discuss why, in their honor, we must indigenize the politics that govern Amazônia. Preventing the world’s most important ecosystem from being ransacked is important now more than ever.


Brazilian Dance Celebration

The evening ended in a celebration of the exhilarating musical culture of Brazil and a dance party in our garden. Tunes were be provided by DJ wyldeflower and we had a special performance from Grammy nominated artist and Brazilian cultural legend, Thalma de Freitas, thanks to our amazing partner dublab!All ticket sales from this event raised money for  Acampamento Terra Livre – the largest mobilization of Indigenous Peoples in Brazil fighting for the land, for life, for natural resources and for the sovereignty of the Brazilian people. Our Reclaiming Amazônia event was a night of enlightenment, celebration, and inspiration to take action. Thank you to our speakers for educating us on the competing politics that govern Amazonia and giving us ideas on ways to help.


Here’s a reminder to:

– Donate directly to indigenous groups

– Inquire about the source of your meat, soy, and other products (there are so many!) that could be affecting deforestation and loss of indigenous land

– Take a pledge to boycott products that use gold illegally mined in the Amazon