Self-Awareness at Work

30 Jan 2020

 / 12:00pm to 1:00pm
 / Free
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Emotional Intelligence is rated as one of the most important skills to have in 2020 to succeed in life and at work. But how do we enhance these skills?

In this workshop, we’ll focus on self-awareness and the power of understanding your emotions at work. You’ll learn some tools and techniques for getting to know yourself a bit better – and how to maximize group dynamics. Leading this class is Clementine Prendergast who, with a grounding in the behavioural sciences, works for consultancy Brand Genetics, Soho House and The Dove Self-Esteem Project, exploring the intersection between innovation, education and advocacy.

This talk is part of our ‘Decelerate’ series, where we explore the power of slowing down in order to move forward.