Talk & Discussion

Silence in the Age of Noise

03 Oct 2017

 / 6:00pm to 8:00pm
 / Free
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Hear explorer, art collector, entrepreneur, politician, Rolex model and author Erling Kagge speak on his internationally best-selling book, Silence in the Age of Noise.

Erling is one of the world’s foremost explorers – particularly famous for becoming the first person in history to reach the summits of the ‘three poles’: north pole, south pole and the peak of Everest.

During one expedition to the Antarctic, Erling found himself walking through the snow completely alone, without any radio or communication for fifty days.

As he moved slowly and quietly through the white landscape, he discovered the power of extreme silence.

This is the starting point for Silence in the Age of Noise, through which Erling recounts his own experiences and discusses the observations of other poets, artists, and explorers who have contemplated silence.

Asking questions such as; what is silence? where can it be found? and why is it more important than ever? Kagge reveals that silence is both around us and within us and that that no matter where we find it, it opens doors to wonder and gratitude.

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