Sunday Sessions: Let The Light In

23 Aug 2015

 / 9:00am to 11:00am
 / Free

A group healing session where you'll release old emotions, trauma and painful memories. Jody Shield supports people to process the past, be more present and create a life they love. Give your Sunday a boost.

Jody Shield is an inspirational speaker, meditation guru, writer and intuitive therapist. She’s fast becoming a name reverently whispered amongst London’s high fliers as the go-to healer to solve all our modern woes. She supports people to process the past, be more present and create a life they love. She’s the first ever European meditation ambassador for Lululemon Athletica, and has residencies across London including Soho House and Fremantle Media (X-Factor). Previously a Business Director in advertising, she has first-hand experience of the stress epidemic that plagues the corporate world. Jody writes for the Huffington Post UK and has been featured in Stylist Magazine, the_numinous and Hip and Healthy.

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Light Grids is a powerful energy healing technique which allows us to clear and release this old baggage from the body, mind and spirit. When you release this old baggage, you'll instantly feel lighter and you'll heal. You'll feel yourself transform during the session, feeling more powerful, clearer and more in-control of your life.

You will emerge feeling lighter and empowered, bounding with the energy you need to create the life you love.

Give your Sunday a boost, make it your ritual. Let your inner light shine, brighter than it ever has!

Bring yourself, a yoga mat, a blanket and a cushion to sit on.