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super/collider presents: Roberto Trotta – The Power of Simplicity

24 Jan 2017

 / 7:00pm to 9:00pm
 / Free
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"What I learnt by explaining the Universe using only 1000 simple words".

Hear from theoretical cosmologist Roberto Trotta on his book The Edge of the Sky, which explains the Universe using just 1000 simple words.

From the big bang to black holes, from dark matter to dark energy, from the origins of the universe to its ultimate destiny, The Edge of the Sky tells the story of the most important discoveries and mysteries in modern cosmology.

However the book's lexicon is limited to the thousand most common words in the English language, excluding physics, energy, galaxy, or even universe.

Through the eyes of a fictional scientist hunting for dark matter Trotta explores the most important ideas about our universe in language simple enough for anyone to understand.

Roberto is a theoretical cosmologist in the Astrophysics Group of Imperial College London, where he is a Reader in Astrophysics. He is also the Director of Imperial's Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication and an STFC Public Engagement Fellow.

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