Talk & Discussion

The Libreria Room: MAGIC

18 Nov 2019

 / 7:00pm to 8:30pm
 / Free
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Feared and fetishised magic has traditionally offered a powerful alternative to rigidly adhered to conventions within society. But as it becomes ever more popular its role is also changing. What then is 'magic' in its various forms? Can we define it and why do we need it?

Join poet Nisha Ramayya, academic & tarot card reader Shy Charles and performance artist Joseph Morgan Schofield for an evening exploring different aspects of this cultural phenomenon.

Doors open at 6.30 PM and the discussion will start promptly at 7 PM.

Shy Charles will be giving a limited number of tarot card readings after the event. These can be pre-booked via the ticket option.

Nisha Ramayya is a poet and Lecturer in Creative Writing at Queen Mary University of London. Her debut collection, States of the Body Produced by Love (Ignota Press), explores – by way of Tantric ritual and myth – the many states of the body seized by love in an incantation that never leaves its hold.

Shy Charles has had a lifelong interest in the occult. Growing up in the South West, in an area rich in magical history, they have made an informal study of the occult and in particular in topics such as witchcraft history, divination and folklore of the British Isles. Shy has been reading Tarot since childhood and professionally for ten years including at celebrity parties and festivals, and has written columns on Tarot and divination for Garage magazine and Accent magazine.

Joseph Morgan Schofield is the lead artist of F U T U R E R I T U A L, a performance and research project considering ritual and queer futurity. Joseph has performed throughout the UK and internationally.