Let's Talk About Money

20 Feb 2020

 / 12:00pm to 1:00pm
 / Free
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Does negotiating a project fee give you heart palpitations? Do you want to raise your rates but don’t know how to? Do you have overdue invoices but no idea how to enforce a late payment fee?

The most stressful part of being a freelancer is money. Knowing how much cash to put aside for tax, dealing with overdue invoices and generally keeping on top your daily finances is an administrative, and emotional, nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this talk, seasoned freelancer Anna Codrea-Rado will tackle some of the most stressful parts of managing your money and talk about how to overcome them in order to make more of it. From handling cash flow and dealing with overdue invoices to addressing the emotional side of money, Anna will help freelancers overcome their biggest money concerns.

Anna Codrea-Rado is a freelance journalist, podcaster and campaigner for freelancers’ rights. She writes about work culture and has a weekly newsletter, The Professional Freelancer, all about how to make it work as a freelancer.