The Symbiocene: The Future Is Symbiotic

07 Jul 2023

 / 6:00pm
 / £5-£10
Private: London Fields
125–127 Mare Street
E8 3RH
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Join UK’s local activists and climate organisations for an evening of talks, music, and presentations to visualise a future of justice to come.

What is the symbiocene?

The Symbiocene is defined as a period where humans symbiotically reintegrate themselves, emotionally, psychologically and technologically, into nature and natural systems.

Collective action is mobilising social change, this event will spotlight BIPOC-led climate groups and organisations in the UK who are advocating for justice. The Symbiocene is a chance for individuals to join in discussions, celebrate communities and movements, take part in radical action, and find joy and connection on our way to a collective future where all species flourish.


It’s for people who:

🧩 Want to know more about activism, climate justice, and social impact

🫧 Want to learn from other change-makers journeys

💎 Are looking to celebrate the role of joy and art in our movements

🛠 Learn about how others have engaged in climate solutions


What can you expect?

💬 Discussion topics and futuristic thinking

🎤 Fireside chats with hosts and special guests

🔎 Learning with like-minded peers

🍎 Food and drinks

🎵 Live performance

📣 Climate Booths, Books, and Stalls



Fireside Chat: Daze Aghaji, Tori Tsui, Joycelyn Longdon, Isaias Hernandez, and Kalpana Arias will be discussing radical futures.

Future Visioning: Together we’ll visualise a future of radical joy and community care

Books: Discover the latest climate justice reads and more!

Booths: Learn about various local organisations, their movements, and how to get involved.

Live music: Performances by Liana Flores and Scott Hill Guarani.

🧃Vegan food and drinks provided.

Ticket prices:

Sliding scale tickets available (pay according to your financial standing, please contribute as much as you feel comfortable)

We aim to make this event accessible to all, if you require financial assistance, we have a limited number of bursary tickets available. To ensure you receive your ticket please send this application by 5th of June. Apply here for a free ticket.

Meet the talent:

Scott Hill Guarani

Scott Hill Guarani is an indigenous DJ, photographer and filmmaker from the Guarani-Kaiowá people, originally from the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. His passion and dedication are focused on preserving the traditional houses and the rich ancestral culture of his people. Through his work, Scott Hill plays a key role in denouncing the attacks suffered by indigenous peoples in their territories. Using audio visuals as a powerful tool of struggle and resistance, he seeks to amplify the voices of those facing adversity. Believing in the power of technology as a means of highlighting the reality of his people, Scott Hill uses the camera as his weapon of war against a system that has oppressed and harmed his community. By combining ancient technology with today’s features, it achieves a remarkable balance. Scott also expresses the voice of his people through electronic music, facing challenges and paving the way for an indigenous artist in this scenario.

With his art, Scott Hill Guarani not only celebrates the cultural and spiritual richness of the Guarani-Kaiowá, but inspires others to value and respect indigenous traditions. His work highlights the importance of cultural preservation and the right of every indigenous community to live and prosper in harmony with their ancestral traditions. A tireless artist, who uses his creativity and talent to protect and promote the cultural heritage of his people, facing contemporary challenges with courage and resilience. His quest for justice and his commitment to amplifying indigenous voices are inspiring examples of resilience and hope.

Listen here.


Liana Flores

English-Brazilian singer-songwriter melding 60s bossa nova with a pastoral folk sensibility, calling to mind artists such as Vashti Bunyan and Astrud Gilberto. Aims to open a window to slowness, simplicity, emotional candour, and the rhythms of the seasons.

Listen here.


Meet The Speakers:

Joycelyn Longdon

is Cambridge Ph.D. student and founder of Climate in Colour, an educational platform with accessible climate change resources that incorporate social justice.

Isaias Hernandez

is an environmental lustice activistic educator, and founder of the Queer Brown Vegan platform in 2019, an environmental education page that exists to teach about environmentalism with a focus on social justice and topics not traditionally covered in environmental spaces.

Daze Aghaji

is a London based Youth Climate Justice Activist who centres on Regenerative Cultures, Intersectionality, Radical Social Justice and Youth Political Engagement in her work. Daze’s advocacy , for racial systemic change has led her to work with many leading charities, institutions, governments and grassroots change-makers globally.

Tori Tsui

is a Bristol-based climate activist, speaker and consultant from Hong Kong. She is the co-founder of the space Bad Activist Collective and a member of the climate coalition Unite For Climate Action.

Kalpana Arias

a technologist, urban gardener, climate activist, ecosomatics and food growing educator, writer, speaker and the founder of Nowadays On Earth, a social enterprise advocating for contact with nature.



Meet Your Guide:

Aisha Paris Smith

Somatic sexologist, bodyworker and life coach, Aisha will introduce what joy can feel like in our bodies, and how we can begin to cultivate an internal environment that enables us to feel joy. Aisha blends her conscious approach to life with the profound experience of being in a body. She embraces all that it means to be a human with flesh, blood, bones, ego and eros.



En Root

Providing Plant Powered Goodness. Inviting you to an Indian inspired vegan cuisine, En Root celebrates fresh seasonal vegetables, wholesome pulses and aromatic Gujarati spices to deliver a unique, internationally influenced menu.


Meet your hosts:

Queer Brown Vegan

Queer Brown Vegan is a platform devoted to making intersectional environmental education accessible. We create independent climate media work. With a majority of people learning about climate change through media and social media, we aspire to meet people where they are and ensure that environmental education represents diversity in thought and background.

Isaias Hernandez is an environmental justice activist + educator from Los Angeles, CA. He’s passionate about making environmental education accessible and advocating for social justice in the environmental movement. Growing up, he lived in a community that faced environmental injustice and it shaped the way he viewed the world. His experiences led him to found the Queer Brown Vegan platform in 2019, an environmental education page that exists to teach about environmentalism with a focus on social justice and topics not traditionally covered in environmental spaces.

He has a B.S. in Environmental Science from the University of California, Berkeley.


Nowadays On Earth

Nowadays On Earth is a social enterprise advocating for contact with nature and growing environmental justice. We provide resources, educational content, programmes, and workshops to close the gap between humans and nature while building intersectional urban gardening spaces. Through our programmes we support individuals to build nature connectedness, community resilience, and solidarity; develop the knowledge and tools to envision a world where all species flourish and catalyse ecosystem based solutions to the challenges of our generation.

Kalpana Arias is a technologist, urban gardener, climate activist and food growing educator, writer, speaker and the founder of Nowadays On Earth, a social enterprise advocating for contact with nature in the digital age. Alongside Nowadays On Earth, Kalpana campaigns for urban nature and nature rights through urban rewilding projects and tech policy reforms, has been researching ecosomatics and technological ecologies for over 7 years, delivered a global TED talk, spoken at the United Nations and The Eden Project, and is a trustee for GROW charity. Kalpana is currently an environmental consultant for corporations and governments and works with leading charities, institutions, brands and grassroot change-makers.



This event is sponsored by Stephanie Dillon Art Studio and Commons.