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We’ll make sure you have everything you need. And exactly how you need it. Creating the perfect workspace that’s unique to you.
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For a writer like me who’s always searching for reasons to procrastinate, Second Home is one of few spots on the face of the earth where I can truly focus and create.
Claudia Forestieri, Creator of Gordita Chronicles on HBO

Need more? Add more.

Privacy Curtains

Our offices are designed to let in natural light. They’re also designed for optimal privacy when you need it, with 360 degree privacy curtains.

Server Rental

Need an extra server? Or two? Or three? We got you. We got you. We got you.


Looking to declutter or simply put some stuff away? We have storage units available onsite.

Dedicated Bandwidth

Sometimes you need to be faster than fast. We get it. That’s why we can reserve bandwidth solely for you and your team.

Access Control Entry

No fumbling or jingling with keys. A single key card gets you onsite and into your personal space.

Soft Seating

Need a separate studio or office as a breakout space? Done. Complete with lounge furniture and whatever else you require.

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