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It’s the healthiest place - 
we wouldn’t work anywhere else.
CEO of Elevate Staffing, Ed Wood Find out why

Spaces that work like you do.

Garden Office

From $5,250 per month

Enjoy fresh air, natural light and 6,500 plants to keep you company. With enough space for teams of up to 25.

Each garden office is a private, fully customizable stand alone office, with its own heating and AC controls. The layout of the space provides cross-ventilation, and an unobstructed view of the garden from every desk. So every member of your team can feel surrounded by nature, and soak up its benefits.

What you get:

Full access to our lush two-acre campus
Furniture and fixtures
Phone booths, meeting rooms, and breakout spaces
Members only wellness classes and access to our full Cultural Program
On-site cafe
High-speed wifi
Cleaning services
Repairs and maintenance
Coffee and tea services

Studio Day Pass

From $1,600 per day

A private office of your own — any day of the week for as many days as you need.

Perfect for teams of up to 25, in-person meetings, off-sites, presentations, and workshops. 

What’s included?

A change of scenery
Video conference equipment
Flexible terms
Catering options available from our on-site cafe, La Despensa

For larger groups, visit our private hire page.

Private workspace at Second Home Hollywood
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One size never fits all.
Larger teams, more space, flexible solutions. We’ll customize a space that’s perfect for you based on exactly what you need. Learn more
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Every aspect has been carefully designed to support wellbeing, productivity, and creativity, so that you can focus on what you do best.
The healthiest place to work. Period. Learn more

Explore the garden office.


6500 plants and trees
6500 plants and trees

Pleasing on the eye. And the mind.

Our LA campus is an oasis home to local wildlife and 6500 plants and trees. Creating a calming environment, while filtering the air, and making a sweet, gentle rustle as they go about their work.

Ultra fast WiFi
Ultra fast WiFi

It’s fast-fast.

High speed WiFi is available throughout our campus with no lag or ‘dead zones’. But if you want to go even faster, plug in and enjoy 2GB speeds.
Heating and cooling controls
Heating and cooling controls

Your space. Your call.

Each garden office comes with its own independent heating and cooling system. So you can make it as cool or as toasty as you like.
Fresh air
Fresh air

Stuffy? Never.

Enjoy fresh, never recirculated air, all day long. It’s hygienic. And it feels so good.

Locked + secure
Locked + secure

Beautiful but strong.

With locking doors, perimeter fencing, and 24-hour on-site security, nothing’s getting into your office but you and your team.

Hospital-grade filters
Hospital-grade filters

When it comes to germs, we don’t play.

We utilise the latest tech to kill airborne viruses and bacteria in our spaces. The very same tech you’ll find in hospitals and doctor’s offices. Keeping it lean and clean.

Corian desks
Corian desks

Keep it clean.

All desks in our space are made of Corian. The same hygienic, non-porous material found in healthcare facilities. That's seriously clean.

Cross laminated timber
Cross laminated timber

Looks good. Feels great.

We were the first to bring cross-laminated timber to LA. Not only because it suited our aesthetic. But as the most carbon-neutral material in the city, it suited our values as well.

Biophilic design
Biophilic design

Closer to nature in every way.

The award-wining architecture and design of our LA campus simulates nature. Providing a sense of calm that allows for increased creativity and productivity.

Cross ventilation
Cross ventilation

Feel the breeze.

With wall-to-wall windows that open in all our offices, you can direct fresh air in, and let it flow out.

A space that’s truly yours.

We’ll create a space to your specific needs.
Discover more

More than a workspace.

Weekly wellness

Pet friendly

Roof deck

Discounted event spaces

Community program

On-site restaurant & bar

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