Say hello to your new Home.

Workspace for larger teams that is bespoke, fully private, and endlessly customizable. From $3900 a month.

All set within the densest urban forest in Los Angeles.

We’ve planted 6,500 plants and trees to create a co-working oasis in the concrete jungle.

Spotted background
Second Home is more than an office space, it’s the community and the space to find the energy and ideas to grow a business.
TaskRabbit Regional Director, Cornelia Raportaru

A private garden office

Our team will work with you to create a space that’s right for your business: add meeting rooms or breakout spaces, and scale up (or down) as needed.

You get everything Second Home does best: workspace filled with natural light and thousands of plants and trees, unlimited access to our global community and weekly cultural, educational, wellness, and social events.

A campus within a campus - teams of up to 135.

Bespoke cluster of private garden pods to create your perfect workplace.

“Built to Be Experienced Off-Screen”

The Wall Street Journal

Why a co-working space?

There’s no set up costs involved, and on average membership costs 23% less than managing your own office.

Mayor of LA Eric Garcetti

Celebrating chairmanship of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group at Second Home.

Large offices with meeting rooms and rooftop workspace.

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It's a remarkable place in every way, and packed with astonishing people.
Vice Chairman, Ogilvy Group UK Rory Sutherland

Second Home gives you all the tools and support you need to make your dent in the universe:

  • Global access to all Second Homes.
  • Targeted introductions to the global creative community – meet new investors, clients, advisors and partners. 
  • Biophilic-designed space, packed with 1,000’s of plants and trees and filled with natural light  – 90% of members say this is why they’re happy at Second Home
  • Weekly cultural, educational and wellness events – members get unlimited free tickets to all. 
  • Business partner deals curated by us (with great brands like Apple, Google, Survey Monkey)
  • Your own private entrances with access control.


Ultra fast Wifi | Access 365 days a year | Fully serviced with on-site operational team | Private meeting rooms, phone booths and breakout spaces | Full-time reception, janitorial and security teams | Unlimited printing and scanning | On-site cafe (Members get 10% off) | Free organic coffee & tea | Private lockers | Mail & Package service | Event space

Our architects care deeply about how architecture can help people make the most of this new world.

We believe great things happen when different people and ideas come together.

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