Meet Callum

Senior Operations and Community Manager
Second Home Spitalfields & London Fields – London.

Read his interview below to find out more about life at Second Home.

Hey Callum, what made you want to come and join the Second Home family? 

The Second home family is so vibrant and fast paced, there are so many moving parts to make the business operate, from the differing membership types, events and cultural programme; there is always something to be getting involved with. It also really appealed to me that so many creative and unique businesses operate and collide under one roof.

What do you enjoy the most about the people you work with?

The people are really what makes Second Home so unique, the level of knowledge and experience in the team means there is always something to learn, and always an interesting story to hear! The team are a diverse mix of profesional creatives which really creates a strong team-centric atmosphere, lots of fun!

What would you say are the 3 best things you get to do in your role?

Second Home has so many moving parts that its so difficult to choose, one of my favourite things is that I get to work with so many different departments, marketing, events, membership and facilities, I love working with the teams and seeing how cross departmental collaboration can create some Second home magic. I also love interacting with the members and celebrating their growth and successes; thats one area I feel that Second home is different, theres a personal touch to everything we do. And finally I would say that working with the facilities team has been really enjoyable, helping develop my technical knowledge further is something that really drives me.

What are some of the things you have achieved in your role so far?

Since starting in the business five months ago, I feel like collectively we have achieved so much, the post covid realities of co working environments has been challenging but I am proud of the teams I have helped build and develop. I work alongside my manager to ensure the member experience is one of high standard, and that the service we deliver is industry leading, but also personable. Aside from that I have been so proud to help support and produce events that amplify and platform really amazing social causes.

Would you say that Second Home encourages a work life balance?

Absolutely! Not a question in my mind that Second Home provides a workplace that enables you to really thrive, alongside working we are actively encouraged to attend the wellness programme as well as the curated events, what makes it more enjoyable is that you get to do so alongside your colleagues, that could mean yoga before work, meditation at lunch, and then a Literary event in the evening, always something exciting to attend.

What advice would you give to someone who is about to join us?

First and foremost, be yourself. The diversity in the team means that your personal quirks and qualities are valued and respected, theres a really diverse mix of roles in the business so progression opportunities can come from unexpected avenues. Second Home is a place for creatives to thrive and I would recommend it to anyone!

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