Meet Eileen

Cafe Manager, Second Home Lisboa

1. Hey Eileen, what made you want to come and join the Second
Home family?

The concept of constantly creating new ideas for brunch, lunch and baked goods was and is a joyful challenge. Especially serving people who are often enough in the space to get to know what they want and like and adapt to it.

2. What do you enjoy the most about the people you work with?

The best thing we share is that we have fun but at the same time everyone is taking their work seriously. They are proactive but would always ask for feedback or ways to improve.

3. What would you say are the 3 best things you get to do in your role?

– Working in a great team.
– Having the freedom to be creative and execute new ideas.
– Working with customers that are so much part of the working environment that they
become friends.

4. What are some of the things you have achieved in your role so far?

We opened up people’s mind when it comes to food that they have not tried or didn’t even like before.
As much as possible we offer options for people with different food preferences such as vegan, gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, carb free… partly keto or paleo. We minimised some expenses by changing suppliers.

5. Would you say that Second Home encourages a work life balance?


6. What advice would you give to someone who is about to join us?

Second Home is an ideal place for people who seek to work in small teams where you have the chance to actively create a great work environment (both – for the team and the members) and being able to constantly bring in new ideas and execute them
Due to its a way less anonymous climate there’s a much warmer atmosphere and it is an overall benefit for everyone. Especially with the events, wellness and sports activities, workshops, speeches, team meeting… Work and Life intertwines and encourages everyone to do better every single day. For anyone who is aiming for that balance in its life, Second Home is a great place to join.
Furthermore, Second Home is built on people who are excited to share their knowledge and skills and at the same time are eager and curious to learn new things. Working together with these versatile and creative people makes every day an adventure to work.

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