Brighter days are coming

After everything the world has been through, wouldn’t it be nice to know that brighter days are coming?


At Second Home, that’s exactly what you’ll find…


The work environment we’re all looking for: fresh air, plants, trees and natural light. Flexible memberships that work around your business. 


A workspace that works for the new world.

New FLEX membership

Save up to 50% compared with our standard studio membership.

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Available in London.

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There’s some nice things about having more time and space to ourselves. 


This is why we’ve created our new flexible memberships – only pay for the team you need in each day, so whether you’re working from home or in the office, you can concentrate on what’s important – your business. 


Now more than ever, it’s important to help our teams unlock their creative potential – and make the most of the challenges and opportunities ahead.

FLEX is available in London:


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Clerkenwell Green

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Holland Park

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London Fields

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Second Home Spitalfields

When you spend time here, your mind transitions to a more natural state of flow.

That’s because our biophilic design is proven to enhance calm, creativity and focus.

Second Home Hollywood

We curate a calendar of daring, relevant and just plain fun events.

You’re invited to it all.

Inspired by MIT’s Building 20, we make sure our members represent a broad range of disciplines and perspectives.

A perfect storm for creative collaboration and innovation.

  • Advertising, Branding & Creative Agencies
  • Achitecture & Property
  • Art, Culture & Music
  • Consultancy
  • Design
  • Education
  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Fashion & Retail
  • Film, Photography & Production
  • Fitness & Wellbeing
  • Food & Hospitality
  • Global Corporates
  • Healthcare & Beauty
  • Human Resources & Legal
  • PR & Communications
  • Social Impact & Not for Profit
  • Technology
  • Travel & Tourism

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more creative now they’re at 
Second Home.

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with each other on new projects and ideas.

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of members say our unique design is why they love working here.

"We think differently here. When we bring our clients here, they think differently about us as well. That is valuable to us."
Harry Gaskell, Chief Innovation Officer of Ernst & Young.

Rooftop garden walkway at Spitalfields

Our dedicated Breakthrough Team are here to help you do just that, break through. 

Whether that’s helping you perfect your pitch. Getting your ideas exposure. Or making introductions to potential collaborators and investors. The team have your back.

Entrepreneur Martha Lane Fox

Will Shu, founder of Deliveroo

Founder and editor-in-chief of Dezeen Marcus Fairs

London start-up Bulb flourished while at Second Home.

Today they’re the UK’s top green energy company.

"Second Home is a story about how community can make you a better version of who you are"
Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Author and activist

Our Wellness Programme is designed to help you relax and recharge.

From HIIT, to meditation, surfing, and everything in between. Putting more life in work-life balance.

Every Second Home cafe serves up fresh and healthy seasonal food and treats.

Not to mention a great selection coffee, teas and juices to keep you going.

Fun is taken very seriously here.

That’s why each location has a calendar of ‘Rituals’ designed to break up the day and bring members together. Almost always around food, drinks, or music. Or all three.

Weekly Members' Drinks

Weekly Members' Drinks

Community Lunch

Membership Types

Because one size does not fit all.

It's co-working with soul.

Book a tour and our team will be happy to show you around.