We partnered with member company Active Cultures and New York-based non-profit arts organization   NADA to celebrate the artist community in LA and beyond. We had special curated cocktails by artists Alex Anderson, Alannah Farrell, Lukas Geronimas, and Anthony Lepore as well as tunes by Folasade Adeoso.

In case you missed it – here are the cocktail recipes that we had at the party:

Wet Bussy 

Alannah Farrell 



2 dark maraschino cherries (at the bottom)

candied ginger twist, star of anise, and a slice of fig on a stir stick




Foie Gras

Lukas Geronimas

1.5 oz gin

1.5 oz orgeat (white, not tan. Liquid Alchemist brand seems the best, or it’s what I used)

3/4 oz sweet (red) vermouth

splash (1/4 tsp or 1 ml) campari (for tone)

stir and serve in glass with ice cubes (or one big cube)

garnish with fig slice.


The Garden Guzzler

Anthony Lepore

1 crumpled makrut lime leaf

1 generous shot of gin

1 generous shot yellow chartreuse

2 tablespoons of fresh squeezed Meyer lemon juice

¼ cup club soda (the fizzy kind)

2 drops aromatic bitters


Violet Ecstacy

Alex Anderson

Empress Gin

lychee syrup

miniature roses for garnish

butterfly pea powder (for color)

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