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“Your building is magnificent.”

Lord Richard Rogers

Second Home has a deep social purpose.

Our mission is to support job creation – and we do that by nurturing entrepreneurship and creativity in cities around the world.

More broadly, we’re always looking to have the biggest possible social impact – which is why we’re an accredited Living Wage employer, operate an Apprenticeship scheme, provide free facilities for local charities, and use 100% green energy in all our spaces.

In addition, our cultural programme has always been open to the public – with all proceeds donated to charity.

This is just part of our social work – you’ll find more about what we do below.

Kibera Hamlets School

Charities and Social Impact Organisations

15% of teams at Second Home are charities, public sector bodies and social impact organisations.

This doesn’t happen by accident – it’s because we work so hard to bring together a broad industry of different types of organisations and backgrounds.

Job Creation

Over the past 3 years, teams at Second Home in Spitalfields have created jobs 10 times faster than the national average.

This is thanks to the active role we play in supporting job creation – like our BeBetter education programme and mentorship schemes.

Kibera Hamlets School

Refugee Support

Every Monday in our East London bookshop Libreria we host literacy workshops for refugees and migrants – in collaboration with local education body ELATT.

We also organise regular charity dinners with Welcome Kitchen – with refugee chefs, and half the places provided free for asylum seekers, bringing communities together.

Libreria Language Labs

Local Charities and Neighbourhood Groups

Local charities and neighbourhood groups have always been able to use our meeting rooms free of charge – providing much-needed spaces for civic activity.

Imad's Syrian Kitchen at Second Home Holland Park

How We Work

From day one, we’ve been an accredited Living Wage employer – meaning all our employees are paid at least £10.20 per hour, instead of the minimum wage of £7.83 per hour.

We also run an Apprenticeship scheme – providing training and employment opportunities for local people.

Libreria Language Labs

Charitable Donations

In 2016 we financially supported the construction of a new school building in Nairobi designed by our architects SelgasCano.

All profits from our public cultural programme are donated to charitable causes – such as the school in Nairobi and the Rugby Portobello Trust, a West London charity.

Kibera Hamlets School

Green and Proud

We use 100% green energy generated by Bulb, an innovative green technology startup based at Second Home.

We minimise our carbon impact by reusing old buildings wherever possible, and use environmentally friendly materials and sustainable technologies throughout.

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