8-12 seated


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About the space

Forget bland and boring meeting rooms, we’ve got you covered with our dazzling blue spaces.

Filled with light and mid-century chairs, all our meeting rooms are named after thinkers, makers and do-ers we admire, to help spark your creativity.

With options for groups of 8–12, we’ve got something to suit you.

Each room has tele-conferencing systems, Wifi, and a TV screen with inputs for Mac and PC. Complimentary tea and coffee with every booking, with an option for catering by our on-site cafe.

Board room (Jane Jacobs): 12 guests – seated

Regular (Richard Florida, Edward O. Wilson, Elinor Ostrom): 8 guests – seated

Board room: €60 per hour (VAT inc) (minimum 4 hours) €460 per day (VAT inc)

Regular rooms: €50 per hour  (VAT inc) (minimum 4 hours) €350 per day (VAT inc)

(Special member-only rates available)

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