Meet the team

Our team works hard to provide our members and their guests with everything they need to flourish and succeed.

This includes hospitality and cultural programming, through to intelligent and targeted introductions that spark new business relationships.

Rohan Silva
Sam Aldenton
Mark Ackroyd
Head of Facilites
Rose Aldenton
New Site & Programme Lead
Morgane Barraud
Front of House Assistant
Paddy Butler
Co-creative Director of Libreria
Jess Fogarty
Co-creative Director of Libreria
Cleide Depieri
Front of House Assistant
Nia Hardwicke
Event Coordinator
Mike He
Project Manager
Richard Howarth
General Manager
Karin Killander
Community Connections Assistant
Petya Markova
Finance Manager
Magnus Mulvany
Facilities Assistant
Corall Ogugua
Reception Manager
Mita Patel
Assistant General Manager
Sofia Talliadoros
Special Projects
Bonny Tydeman
Head of Events