Second Home

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Work + Life
68 Hanbury St London E1 5JL


Second Home is the world's most iconic space for entrepreneurs and creative businesses.

Curated Community

The only way that companies can apply for membership at Second Home is via referrals and recommendations, enabling us to curate London's most creative community.


Second Home's members include global technology companies like SurveyMonkey, Blue State Digital, TaskRabbit and General Assembly, through to creative agencies such as Fueled, Visualise and Rooster Punk, as well as innovators like Chineasy, Kovert Designs and Santander's new £100m fin-tech fund.

Factory Merida

Factory Merida

The built environment

As Winston Churchill put it,
"First we shape ours, thereafter they shape us."

Our award-winning architects Selgas Cano have used advanced materials to create a stunning environment that supports wellbeing, creativity and productivity in an unprecedented way.


Second Home's architecture is inspired by cutting edge research into 'biophilia' - and as a result it doesn't have a single straight line, and features over 1,000 plants that are fed by an advanced hydroponics system.


Second Home has a stunning 120-seat auditorium featuring films, live music and events with leading thinkers and entrepreneurs. On 4 November, for example, the world's greatest living evolutionary biologist, Professor Edward O. Wilson, will be delivering a public lecture on 'biophilia' at Second Home.

LCMF at Second Home

LCMF at Second Home


Over 20,000 people attended the cultural programme we hosted in our empty building before construction work began, which included the London Contemporary Music Festival, Sofar Sounds, Ping Pong Fight Club, Digital Sizzle and a Dazed & Confused music video with FKA Twigs.

Beautiful City

At Second Home we are working hard to adhere to the ancient Athenian oath: we should leave our city more beautiful than we found it.