Second Home is a creative workspace and cultural venue, bringing together diverse industries, disciplines and types of social businesses.

We understand that great things happen when different industries, ideas and disciplines are brought together, which is why we curate such a diverse and ambitious community.

Everything we do is designed to help people flourish and succeed in the modern economy – and unlock their full creative potential.

Creative collisions

Our carefully curated community is what makes Second Home special.

Second Home's building has been designed to spark serendipity, creative collisions and chance encounters.

What's more, our expert team is there to connect our members to one another, creating new collaborations and business relationships every day.

The teams based at Second Home are some of the most ambitious and creative in London, including:

“We’ve met some fantastic people through Second Home and they’ve contributed massively to Bulb’s mission.

"You don’t make these kinds of connections anywhere else.”

Hayden Wood and Amit Gudka

“It’s not a professional-looking place, it’s a mind-blowing place.”

Henry Stuart

“It’s so inspiring to be surrounded by all these people doing amazing things.”

Kate Unsworth

“We started here, then eight or nine months later we were having breakfast in Silicon Valley with some of the biggest investors in the world.”

Willem Sundblad
Oden Technologies

Architecture and design

Second Home’s building is designed by the award-winning Spanish architecture practice Selgas Cano.

Selgas Cano were selected to create the Serpentine Gallery summer pavilion in 2015, which is one of the most prestigious architectural commissions in the world.

Selgas Cano studio. Madrid, Spain
Selgas Cano

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2015. London, United Kingdom
Selgas Cano

Plasencia Auditorium and Congress Centre. Cáseres, Spain
Selgas Cano

Betweenair. Spanish Pavilion, Venice Architecture Biennale 2012
Selgas Cano

El Batel Auditorium. Cartagena Harbour, Spain
Selgas Cano

Second Home is at the cutting edge of green technology and environmental sustainability.

We use next-generation materials to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum, and use 100% green energy throughout the building.

Second Home life

Our amazing cultural programme gives our members unique access to the world's leading thinkers, business leaders and artists – and also brings our community together in new ways.

In the modern economy, innovation comes from being open to emerging ideas and breakthroughs from different fields – which is why events at Second Home range from science and technology through live music, film and performance art.

Speakers at Second Home have included musician Annie Lennox, designer Stella McCartney, architect Richard Rogers, writer Dave Eggers, behavioural economist Richard Thaler and entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson.


Promoting wellbeing is at the heart of everything that Second Home does.

We understand that feeling good is essential to making great work, which is why we provide a regular series of activities to support wellbeing.

These include weekly yoga and pilates, meditation and a run club.

Social mission

Second home has a deep social purpose - we want to make a positive difference to the world around us.

We are an accredited Living Wage employer, which means that all our staff are paid – at least – the London Living Wage.

Second Home is financially supporting the construction of a new school building in Kibera (Nairobi), designed by our architects Selgas Cano.

We are fighting for affordable space for artists in London, and developed a proposal with Bold Tendencies and Turner Prize winners Assemble to create the capital's largest cluster of artist studios in Peckham.

We employ and train local young people through an Apprenticeship programme run by Hackney Community College.

We use 100% green energy generated by Bulb, an innovative British green technology startup based at Second Home.


We have over 1,000 plants and trees inside Second Home, fed by an advanced hydroponics system.

There are barely any straight lines in the entire building, and every private studio is bathed in natural light, making Second Home a calm and beautiful place to be.

Our architecture is inspired by academic research in evolutionary psychology and biophilia, and every aspect has been carefully designed to support wellbeing, productivity and creativity.

“Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.”

E.O. Wilson, speaker at Second Home and author of “Biophilia: The Human Bond with Other Species”, 1984

Eating and drinking

We understand that good food can bring a community together, as well as support a creative and productive working day.

That's why Second Home has a critically acclaimed in-house restaurant, run by the former head chef of Ottolenghi in Notting Hill.

Our restaurant provides a stunning environment for breakfast, lunch and dinner - and it's the place where many of the community rituals at Second Home happen.

Amol Rajan, The Independent, Sunday 26 July 2015


At Second Home, we are building a diverse ecosystem of creative people and organisations that are capable of having a collaborative and synergistic relationship with one another.

Second Home's members are ambitious, creative and curious - we are looking for people with the passion and drive to make a positive impact to the world around them.

80% of our members are chosen because they contribute to the diversity of our community - by being at the intersect of different fields, or belong to an underrepresented industry or demographic.

The remaining 20% are picked because the work they do is helpful for companies as they scale, and so contribute to the success of the overall ecosystem.

Examples include venture capital funds, graphic designers and growth-hacking agencies.

Studio membership

Second Home provides creative companies with the world’s most desirable studio spaces.

Each individual studio is equipped with furniture and desk lighting from the world’s leading designers, as well as personalised temperature and heating controls so you can customise your space to suit your needs.

Our studio members include TaskRabbit, White Star Capital and Threads.

Roaming membership

Roaming Membership is perfect for individuals and small teams, offering a tranquil yet stimulating environment to work, meet and play.

By becoming a Roaming Member you’re plugging into London’s most creative community.

You’ll also enjoy all of the Second Home facilitates and services, including meeting rooms and breakout spaces.

Our Roaming Members include David Rowan (editor of Wired Magazine Europe), Tom Hulme (Google Ventures), Alex Asseilly (co-founder of Jawbone) and Courtney Boyd Myers (

If you are interested in becoming a member, please get in touch.

We look forward to hearing from you.