“A place where nature acts as a catalyst for creative sanctuary and innovation.”

AnOther Magazine

“"You go into a Second Home event and come out thinking that was f**king epic"”

Oppidan founder, Walter Kerr

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We’re a social business with a mission to support creativity and entrepreneurship in cities around the world.

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Membership at Second Home is perfect for businesses looking to grow. Come see us and discover the benefits of being part of our global creative community.

Booking a tour is easy – fill out our simple form so we have a few details about you and your company, and then select a time on the next page.

"The energy, happiness, environment and people make coming to work a joy. It's like working from home but in an office."

We know Second Home is pretty stunning, and we love showing our spaces off – if you’re an architect, student, or just interested in seeing Second Home (but not becoming a member) please email us – we hold regular tours of each space.

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