Building on a radical history

Second Home at Clerkenwell Green

Karl Marx Memorial library

When scouting for our third location in London, we very quickly realised that there was no more natural fit than Clerkenwell Green.

That’s because for centuries this has been a place for radical thinking and new ideas. A place that diverse industries and perspectives have long come together in myriad ways. 

Just a few doors down from our Second Home space, you’ll find the Karl Marx Memorial library. Directly next to it stands the grand old building that was the Freemason Grand Lodge. Slightly different outlooks, wouldn’t you say? And around the corner, at 14-16 Farringdon Lane, you’ll find the original Clerk’s Well that gives the area its name. A haven where students and radicals would congregate to share stories and perform plays. 

One of the main reasons so many fresh perspectives emerged from Clerkenwell is that the district sits just outside the City of London limits. Which meant it wasn’t subject to the same rules, restrictions, and taboos. So independent thinking, collaborations and ideas flourished. 

We’re proud to be carrying on this tradition at Second Home Clerkenwell Green. We understand that great things happen when different people, ideas, and disciplines come together. That’s why our community of members are carefully curated from a diverse mix of creative and innovative fields. It’s why we host a varied calendar of cultural talks, events and workshops aimed to inspire. And why our buildings are designed to spark serendipitous encounters and creative collisions.

We know it’s a tough legacy to carry on in Clerkenwell Green. But we think we’re up to the  task.  

Want to learn more about the incredible history of Clerkenwell? Watch as our co-founder Rohan Silva, and the Museum of London go on a jaunt through this area teaming with spirit and energy.

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