Kibera Hamlets School

Building a brighter future.

We funded the construction of a school building in Nairobi, designed by our architects Selgas Cano, which is being used by hundreds of children every day.

The building is designed for an existing school called Kibera Hamlets, which provides education for orphans and severely disadvantaged children.

Kibera Hamlets is located in Kibera, considered to the largest “urban slum” in Africa, with an estimated million residents.

The Kibera project has an interesting backstory – the initial design and materials were funded by the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark, who wanted a pavilion for an African art exhibition.

 Architects Selgas Cano cleverly designed the structure with the school in Kibera in mind.

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We believe in the power of great architecture to improve people's lives
Rohan Silva Co-founder of Second Home

Second Home then funded the shipping of the materials to Kibera, and the construction of the building there.
We’re proud to have played a role in this project – as a social enterprise, we always want to have a positive impact on the world around us.

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