Talk & Discussion

52 Insights: The Future of Intimacy – Sex and Robots

26 Oct 2017

 / 6:30pm to 8:00pm
 / Free
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Join British artificial intelligence engineer Dr David Levy and senior Lecturer at Goldsmith’s Department of Computing Kate Devlin for a discussion on how the sex-tech industry will affect the future of intimacy and the growing moral minefield surrounding this area.

The sex tech industry is now estimated to be worth $30 billion USD and is about to explode even further with the advent of sex robots.

Some people are calling it the end of intimacy, others the greatest thing to happen to lonely men and women everywhere.

Companies like Android and Abyss Creations are taking advantage of this technology revolution, creating scarily lifelike female companions starting at £15,000 for men and women.

With studies showing that up to 40% of heterosexual men would use a sex robot for pleasure, a huge number of important questions morally, ethically and culturally about what it means to be human and what this will do to society in general. Is it considered cheating? Will it put sex workers out of work? Does it demean women?

“I believe that by 2050 robots will be so lifelike that many people will find it perfectly natural to have emotional and physical relationships with them.” – Dr. David Levy

Tickets – £10