Consumer Values in a Post COVID-19 World

11 Jun 2020

 / 4:00pm to 5:00pm
 / Free
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8AM – Los Angeles

4PM – London/ Lisbon


With an infinity of memes and hourly PSA announcements, the world is living through its first global crisis in the internet age. This class explores how COVID-19 has formed a new world – shaped by top-down new regulations and bottom-up adoption of new mindsets and habits.

The Akin Co-founder Sarah Johnson will talk about how the pandemic has impacted Changemakers’ values and perceptions of brands and businesses and what the mid and long term ripple effects will be until the situation improves. Exploring new data from the UK, US and China, Sarah will share brand case studies and frame springboards of new opportunities.  Although this talk does not predict the future, we hope that it will help you broaden your views and assumptions and help you build resilience.

This class is perfect for anyone working in branding, marketing, innovation, design, or strategy or generally curious about culture and our futures.


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