Happiness at Work

14 Jan 2020

 / 5:00pm to 6:00pm
 / Free

1370 N St. Andrew's Place
Los Angeles, CA 90028

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How can we create a culture of happiness and growth?

The world of work has changed and it’s only accelerating…

This talk will help shake up your business. You’ll leave with a clear growth and happiness vision, a plan for how to engage your employees and insights on how to create a happy workplace culture that helps all to flourish.

Samantha Clarke coaches and advises leaders and all those who manage people, on how to navigate the impact of technology on happiness at work, elevate emotional intelligence and build company culture, relationships and environments that support, retain and attract happy employees and teams.

She will reveal all on how to craft a ‘happy’ employee journey and empower your managers and teams with the skills to ensure better career and work wellbeing conversations – promoting greater change and growth.

This talk is part of our ‘Decelerate’ series, where we explore the power of slowing down in order to move forward.