Talk & Discussion

Killjoy Party: A Celebration of Disruptive Women

08 Mar 2018

 / 7:00pm to 9:00pm
 / Free
Event has passed

Critical theorist Sara Ahmed describes the feminist 'killjoy' as the woman who speaks out about a sexist joke at the dinner table, disrupting the moment and spoiling the fun.

It is this bold spirit of continued resistance that we'll be celebrating on International Women's Day.

At a time when feminist discussions are more prevalent than ever thanks to the #metoo campaign and the centenary of the right to vote (for some women), we’re hosting an intimate evening that will take a critical look at where feminism is today.

Rather than getting lost in memes, hashtags and celebrity speeches, we’ll be delving into the ongoing issue of inequality – looking at what was won 100 years ago and the important work that still needs to be done.

It will be a night of drinks, discussion, poetry and performance featuring Dr Alyosxa Tudor from Centre of Gender Studies at SOAS, Egyptian feminist writer and poet Lina Ashour and Iranian artist, writer and academic Saba Zavarei.