Language Labs London Fields

25 Apr 2019

 / 11:30am to 12:30pm
 / Free

A Second Home initiative supporting the local migrant community by developing and improving their literacy and confidence through informal conversation and practical workshops.

To get involved please email [email protected]

Session 1 – 25 April – Training and running through ELATT policies with our volunteers.

Session 1a – 2 May – Introduction to Community Organising
Listening and one-to-one leadership training.
There will be a focus on building the skills and confidence to see yourself as a leader that others will follow.
Session includes storytelling and learning to tell your own story.

Session 2a – 9 May – Listening in the Community
Confidence building – learning how to ask focused and meaningful questions in your neighbourhood to identify issues that need to change.

Session 2b – 9 May – Hackney Citizens Assembly
See other ordinary people hold those in power to account.
See an example of effective public action and the result of a listening campaign.

Session 3 – 16 May – Identifying an issue and understanding how to break broad problems into specific issues.
Power analysis – who do we need to target in order to make change happen?
Learning how to be pragmatic and identify issues that are possible to change.
Turning anger and frustration into focused productive planning and hope.
Understanding how power operates in society, and the importance of decision

Session 3b – 23 May – Coffee Morning
Conversation practice.

Half Term – 30 May

Session 4 – 6 June – Research, Action and Evaluation
Planning an action. This session draws together the importance of you as an individual leader, the relationships you build with others – as well as your ability to move towards constructive action and empowerment.

Session 5 – 13 June – Running an Action
To encourage change on the chosen issue.
Step 1 – Can we secure a meeting with the decision maker?
Public speaking at a public action.
Being a leader in the public sphere and working alongside people from the community to do so.

Session 6 – 20 June – Negotiation Followed by Celebration
Understanding how to negotiate with a decision maker, deliver testimonies, achieve specific change and celebrate well.

27 June – Community Lunch

30 June – Internal Day of Friendship (Internationally 30th July) – Invite St Joseph’s Hospice
Learners in to help prepare lunch in the kitchen, share recipes and food.

4 July – Volunteering TBC

11 July – Capability Workshop
Speak to COS – TBC.

18 July – Coffee Morning/Lunch End of term Celebration