Mental Health in the Age of Capitalism

12 Mar 2020

 / 6:30pm to 8:00pm
 / Free

Av 24 de Julho
Escritório Piso 1

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Where are we at with mental health and work culture?

With the concept of wealth constantly changing, success now being a slippery label, and that perpetual feeling that someone has already beaten you to it… many of us find ourselves in an unhealthy relationship with our work.

From constant comparison to over-inflating the importance of small tasks, author of Open Up: The Power of Talking about Money, Alex Holder looks at the issues affecting us and offers 20 methods, tips and thought processes to feel better about the work we do.

Sourced from thought leaders around the world, whether you’re feeling burn-out or apathy, there’ll be something to change up your working day.