"What will offices look like in the
post-pandemic future?
This Hollywood space offers a preview."

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The healthiest place to work. Period. 

6500 plants and trees

6500 plants and trees clean the air you breathe.

Our plants and trees make our campus an oasis for you to work and play. As well as making the air cleaner, they also attract local wildlife like hummingbirds, butterflies and even a family of possums.

It’s human nature to want to connect with living things. Being surrounded by life is a much better for your physical and mental wellbeing - it makes you more productive and creative.

Ultra fast WiFi

Ultra fast WiFi. Comes as standard.

High speed WiFi is available throughout our campus. Need an even faster connection? Plug in and enjoy 2GB.
Heating and cooling controls

Heating and cooling controls tailor your temperature.

You won't be hot and cold thanks to individual controls in each garden pod. Simply adjust the temperature to suit you.
Fresh air

We’ve brought the outdoors in. That’s refreshing.

Unlike many other offices, there’s no recirculated air in our garden pods. Enjoy working in safer conditions - a place where the air is completely replaced every two minutes with fresh, clean air.

Locked and secure

Your security is important to us.

Our garden pods are secure so you have the freedom to come and go as you like. When you're not there, lock the door for complete peace of mind. And should you ever lose your key, we replace it for free.

Hospital-grade filters

Hospital-grade filters capture anything nasty in the air.

We use Hospital-grade MERV-13 air filters to catch any airborne viruses or bacteria.

Corian desks

Desks so clean you could eat your dinner off them.

Our desks are made from corian. It’s non-porous, hygienic, and is the material used in healthcare facilities. And it comes as standard in all our garden pods.

Cross laminated timber

We brought Cross Laminated Timber to LA.

We have high standards. That's why our pod roofs have the lowest carbon footprint of any material used in LA.

Biophilic design

Biophilic design helps you get closer to nature.

Academic studies from around the world show that being around nature makes us healthier, happier and more productive.

That’s why our architects have used award-winning biophilic design when creating the garden pods - so you’ll work bathed in natural light, surrounded by plants and with architecture that mimics nature.

Cross ventilation

Cross ventilation is a breath of fresh air.

All of our garden pods feature cross ventilation. You can open the window for added fresh air - whenever you like.

We said to our architects “Go Wild.” They didn’t disappoint.

Watch an interview with Diego Cano-Lasso

We went big
on the little things.

Our roofs have the lowest carbon footprint of any building material.

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We care deeply about sustainability.

That’s why we got Cross Laminated Timber scientifically tested and approved by the City of Los Angeles.

Now everyone else can use it too.

112 different plant species boost biodiversity.

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Good genetic and biological diversity is essential for pollination. Without it, we’ll have no crops, which means no food. That’s why we have so many different plants at Second Home.

By filling our site with diverse plant species, we’ve created pollinator-friendly spaces. This helps to keep the local pollinator community diverse, healthy and beautiful.

What’s more, the plants have all been chosen because of their drought resistant qualities too – perfect for the LA sunshine.

Swap the corporate world for a colorful one.

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Why is our campus so colorful?

Because the natural world is full of color. It’s a part of life.

Research has shown environments that share characteristics with the natural world tend to be better for our health than typical modern buildings.

Grey buildings are the opposite of the natural world – that’s why they’re bad for us.

It’s why we’ve created green spaces, used natural materials and lots of yellow to give our spaces a vibrant, strong and energetic feel.

Where privacy meets community.

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Our standalone garden offices are a private sanctuary.

If you want to work, safe in the knowledge that what you’re doing will stay hush-hush, our trees and plants not only offer a great view, they also give you privacy. But should you require more, screens and curtains can be installed.

Your office doesn’t stop at your front door though.

The space is designed to encourage chance encounters and creative collisions between members.

It’s the perfect mix of communality and privacy – great for getting stuff done and being inspired for your next big idea.

Our office is future-proofed for the post-COVID world.

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We want our members to feel healthy and happy at work.

That’s why we created this oasis – natural materials, bright colors and filled with 6500 trees and plants that clean the air.

So when you’re here doing your thing, you can rest assured knowing that you’re safe.

Working free range is the future.

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Your office doesn’t end at the door to your space.

When you step outside, there are two acres of beautiful space to roam.

With thousands of plants and trees, a wellness garden, a rooftop terrace, a courtyard, a bookshop and an on-site restaurant, there are lots of places to work and collaborate – inside and outside.

We don’t make new buildings. 
We breathe life into existing ones.

Our garden offices are a canvas. Make your mark.

Our garden offices are fully customizable. If you want to make them unique to you, we’ll make it happen. Tell us what you need and leave the rest to us.
Choose your style.



Break Out

Want to create an exec office or a private meeting room?

No problem. Our movable peninsula table helps you make the space work for you and your team.

Our Peninsula layout is perfect if your team works in small groups.

It’s ideal for people working on separate desks and coming together as and when they need to.

Do your team need space to chill out occasionally?

Add some soft furnishings in the centre to create a break out area and give your office a relaxed feel.

Find the right space for you.

Garden Office

Garden Office

Work surrounded by fresh air, natural light and over 6500 plants and trees. Beautiful private garden pods for teams of four to 200.

Paul Williams Office

Starting at $3900 PER MONTH
Paul Williams Office

Private offices in our historic Paul Williams-designed building.

Private Campus

Private Campus

Bigger team looking to work somewhere special? Make Second Home your new home and enjoy an Apple or Google like HQ. You’ll get your own space in a micro campus, complete with a private entrance, facilities and multiple garden pods. There are a range of different layouts available.

Our technology makes it easy to stay connected
in LA.

Our campus has ultra fast 2GB WiFi that reaches our indoor and outdoor spaces, with direct lines into each studio.

Need extra speed? We’ve got you covered with tailored bandwidth options. We can also add and manage your own dedicated firewall and server for an additional charge.

Life in our garden.

Some of the company you’ll keep.