Guida, Finance - HR, Second Home Lisboa

We sat down with Guida to know more about her journey in Second Home. Read the interview below.

1. In a few words, tell us about your Second Home Journey and how you got to your current role. 

My arrival at Second Home Lisboa happened exactly on the first day of the opening, the 5th of December 2016 as a member.It was very easy for me to interact with all of the team and then 2 years later when I decided to leave the company I was working for to enjoy a sabbatical year, I received the invitation to join the Second Home team.

I agreed to start with a part-time job just to help them and a short time later, I was already working full time. The original focus was to be credit control but I naturally got into the administrative and financial part, invoicing, etc. 

Later I then moved into assisting with HR processes and when the pandemic came, I ended up taking over that HR role too due to all the changes that were happening. Looking back it, was all very organic, easy and natural.


2. What do you think makes a good leader? 

The best leadership is that, which arises naturally, when someone stands out without holding the position itself. By that I mean being communicative and honest, giving feedback, accepting proposals and being available for the team are fundamental characteristics for me.

To always be the example to the team


3. How does it feel that 50% of our workforce are strong independent women? 

I am very proud to mention this fact amongst my friends and actually, in the Lisbon office, we are 80% women! I was brought up to be independent and to put myself first, so it is normal for me, although I know how different it is in the society where I grew up.But it is above all a great pride. And what better example do I have than Second Home Lisboa!


4. If you could go back in time, what advice would you give to your younger self when they first started at Second Home? 


I would tell that person to communicate with more empathy. Being a very direct person, there were times maybe I did not measure correctly the effect of my communication but Second Home has provided me with the environment to learn and I am very happy having that benefit to grow and learn in my role. 

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